About Us

On Show This Week is South Africa’s newest property website which has a singular purpose, and that is to bring all of South Africa’s on show properties every week to one platform. Our objective is to develop long standing relationships with our clients. When it comes to searching for a new house to make a home, it can be a lot more tedious than expected. It is our mission to have all the properties that are on show brought to you, saving you hours having to search.


As a potential new home owner, it can be very overwhelming when it comes to finding that perfect home. Whether it be driving around on Sunday afternoons looking for ‘show boards’, which can be helpful but we all have our own budgets. Our site allows you to find on show properties quickly based on your areas of preference and desired price range. There is an option to subscribe to our weekly emailer that will notify you of any upcoming show days that match your prescribed search criteria. In short, creating a convenience for all users who are on the hunt for that new home.

Estate Agents

When it comes to the responsibility of the estate agent to advertise a home for sale, having a broad reach over the market is always a good idea. The ability to reach more potential buyers is what sets apart good agents, from great agents. By using our site as an additional platform to showcase your on show property listings, it will enhance your reach to buyers in the market and thus potentially making that sale.


We at On Show This Week believe in delivering accurate information about on show properties to you the buyers, on behalf of the estate agents, creating that initial connection between  buyer and agent in a very convenient way. This will help create a better turn out at show days for agents and help alleviate the  buyer’s stress associated with house hunting.